Miles Martinet

Purpose designed target and glider tug.

The first British aircraft to have been specifically designed for target towing, the Miles Martinet was based on the Master II trainer and utilized many of it's components.

The first prototype of the Martinet was flown on April 24, 1942. In total 1,724 Martinets were produced by Miles Aircraft Ltd for the RAF and FAA to meet Air Ministry Specification 12/41. Production continued until the end of the war. Martinets were exported to Belgium, Egypt, France, Ireland, Portugal, Sweden and Turkey.

These paintfiles are for Jacques Brault's Martinet.


Miles Martinet, Irish Air Corps
Irish Air Corps target tug No.145 in July 1946.

2010-03-24 17:22:48

Miles Martinet, No.2 APS, RAF, 1950
Typical post-war RAF Martinet.

2010-03-24 16:17:24

Miles Martinet, Portuguese Army Aviation
Arma de Aeronáutica Miles Martinet serial 437.

2010-03-24 17:23:58

Miles Martinet, Royal Navy in 1945
Miles Martinet, 722 NAS, Tambaram, southern India in late 1945.

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Miles Martinet, Svensk Flygtjänst
One of three Martinets operated by Svensk Flygtjänst.

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