Avro Anson Mk.1 (Flying Classroom)

Status: Development snapshot

X-plane version: 9.50

The Anson was derived from the commercial six-seat 652 and the militarised version, which first flew on 24 March 1935, was built to Air Ministry Specification 18/35. It was the first RAF monoplane with a retractable undercarriage. Avro allotted the type number 652A to the Anson. The first production run resulted in 174 Anson Mk I aircraft for service with Coastal Command. No. 48 Squadron RAF was the first to be equipped in March 1936.

This acf file depicts a typical flying classroom as used by the British and Commonwealth air forces during WW2. It's a mid series Mk.1 with a stepped windscreen and wipers, flaps and wing mounted landing lamps.

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