Supermarine Walrus Mk.1, United Whalers

Aircraft: Supermarine Walrus Mk.1

Status: Version 1.0

X-plane version: 8.64+

G-AHFL "Boojum", one of three Walrus Mk.1s used by United Whalers.

"THREE Supermarine Walrus amphibians, were christened Moby Dick, Snark and Boojum respectively at a ceremony at East Cowes last Saturday. They have been overhauled and re-equipped at the works of Saunders-Roe for the United Whalers, Ltd., and are to be used for whaling operations in the Antarctic during the 1946-47 whaling season.

A factory ship, the Balaena, and a number of catching vessels will comprise the expedition, the air branch of which is in charge of Mr. John Grierson, who has had considerable experience in flying in high northern latitudes.

At a luncheon before the launch of the three flying boats Mr. Grierson was warm in his praise of the help given by Government departments and institutions, especially the Admiralty, and by private firms and individuals, with advice and supplies. The one fly in the ointment was the homing radio. The expedition had planned to use the American system, which is especially suitable for the purpose, for homing on the factory vessel, but American authorities had refused permission. This may be a serious handicap.

The intention is that the three flying boats shall reconnoitre (or suitable weather and sea conditions, keep the surface vessels out of fog areas, and explore open lanes in the ice through which the vessels can proceed.

Very complete equipment is being installed in the Walrus flying boats, including new covered-in dinghies, emergency rations, tents, immersion suits, signalling apparatus, etc., so that every foreseeable contingency has been allowed for. The three flying boats will not be used for increasing the catch, which is limited by international agreement, but it is expected that their use will effect economies in reducing the time spent in locating the whales and in guiding the vessels to the feeding grounds. The expedition hopes to leave by the end of September."

Flight Magazine, July 25th, 1946 (at

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